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Jeremy believes that every Oklahoman should have access to quality, affordable care, regardless of their circumstances. Improving healthcare quality and access is necessary for all Oklahomans. As a physician assistant and medical practice owner, Jeremy has an excellent understanding of the financial challenges patients face when navigating the healthcare system. Too many families in Oklahoma are one health emergency away from financial ruin. Jeremy supports Medicaid expansion, which the people of Oklahoma passed in 2020, and he encourages more of those Oklahoma families who qualify to enroll. Jeremy vehemently opposes turning the state’s Medicaid program over to privatized managed care, which will lead to higher costs for the state and poorer outcomes for our state’s most financially vulnerable populations.


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Jeremy believes all kids should have access to a quality education no matter their zip code. As both a former teacher and product of public schools in house district 84, Jeremy will fight to protect public education. Oklahoma consistently falls in the bottom 10 for funding public education and our student outcomes reflect that. Oklahomans continue to demand increases in school and teacher funding, a demand that has fallen on deaf ears at both the Governor’s Mansion and the state capital for the past decade. Our current leadership is actively working to gut public education for the benefit of the wealthiest Oklahoman’s at the expense of those with the most to lose. Jeremy will fight to make sure quality education is available for all Oklahomans.

Local Businesses

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As a small business owner, Jeremy has first hand experience navigating the challenges of operating a business during the pandemic. He knows that both businesses and employees suffered and now he wants to build an economy that helps all Oklahomans. Jeremy believes that everyone deserves the chance to find a good-paying job that will take care of their family. He knows that in order to attract new businesses to our state we need to provide a first class education system, access to affordable healthcare, and investment in cutting edge technology and infrastructure. Jeremy will work to foster an environment in our state that attracts good paying jobs for our families and supports our local businesses.

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